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Click these links to see YouTube clips with singing by Hayley in the title role in Thoroughly Modern Millie


SALfilmfestival a celebration of San Antonio filmmakers


Click to see YouTube clip of Hayley (center stage in the pink sweater) in her role in an ethics "course" for lawyers and judges at the Majestic Theatre

Click below to see clip of Hayley - promotional ad for San Antonio Film Festival - searchable as SAL (San Antonio Local) Film Festival or "Filmmaking is Tough" (it is very very good)


You may have to enter the name of the clip in the search box i.e. "filmmaking is tough" or "SAL Film Festival" depending on your browser?

Hayley will appear in the 11th Annual Bar Association Ethics Training for Lawyers!


2007 - Comedy

Hayley was recently featured in a commercial spot to be shown in 2008-9 and was honored to be offered an equity position in this fast growing group and had acclaim for roles in "The Women" by Claire Boothe opening soon at the San Pedro Cellar Playhouse:

Hayley Receives Her 4Th Globe - September 30, 2007

 Pictured here, Hayley performing at the awards ceremony as Norma Cassidy singing "Chicago" from Victor Victoria!

Now in 2007 - Hayley is "Norma Cassidy" in Victor Victoria - Fantastic!

Earlier in 2007 - Hayley played in King William
  "Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All For You"
  (at the theater in historic King Wm district) 

      for January performances - click here:
      for February performances - click here:
      8 pm on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays
            Sunday matinees at 2:30 afternoon


Click "Stage" to read this quote: "...Hayley Burnside...terrific..." in the latest play, Actor's Nightmare, this comment comes from Deborah Martin of the Express Newspaper (she has had many other nice things to say about Hayley, over many years, even when critical of other aspects of performances)

Hayley (left) in the cast at Church Theatre in King William Fall 2006 as Lucy in "You're A Good Man Charlie Brown" . . . FUN!!!


Subject: Universtiy of Texas Newspaper Review

Ahhemmmmm....Lucy "stole the show..." according to this article posted on the world wide web...fantastic.
Hayley Burnside
Here is the review on CHARLIE BROWN for the UTSA NEWSPAPER
The Paisano Online

Peanuts and a play
by Luis Lopez
September 25, 2006
     The wonderland atmosphere of the musical, "You're a Goodman Charlie Brown" transformed the cartoon world into reality with its childhood melodies and vibrant energies as it opened on Sept 15 at the Church Bistro and Theatre in the King William District.
     Director and scenery/costume designer Diane Malone, along with musical director and pianist Tom Masinter, crafted a remarkable performance. The production staff also consisted of dance choreographer Chris Rodriguez, technical director and light/sound designer Rick Malone, stage manager Miriam Leal, drummer Steve Nathanson, and program layout/designer Prima Donna productions.
     The acting and music were awe-inspiring. The audience was drawn into Charlie Brown's world immediately as the music began and the actors sang in perfect harmony. Gestures, costumes and voices were exact replicas of the cartoon characters.
     In one instance, piano prodigy Schroeder (Rick Sanchez) mime-played his ceramic piano in perfect synchronization with Masinter.
     Christopher J. Rodriguez, played a believable Linus, down to the hairstyle and mannerisms as he sucked his thumb while holding on to his blue blanket for comfort. The characters were so well portrayed it was hard to imagine the actors without their costumes and as real people.
     A good performance will take you into its world of fantasy and leave you convinced it's real. That's exactly what "Charlie Brown" did. Even Snoopy who wasn't in a complete dog costume was every inch the loveable canine. He wore dog-ears, paws on his feet and hands, and a polka-dot costume, but he moved through the stage with in characteristic Snoopy fashion his coolness and breezy attitude was unbelievable.
     Snoopy would make faces behind characters' backs or every time Lucy," would interject, "Hey blockhead."
     Lucy's appearance and voice was perfect right down to her loud, bossy and forward mannerisms. Lucy (Hailey Burnside) stole the show even though Charlie Brown was the main character.
     Charlie Brown (Ben Gamble) successfully elicited empathy from the audience. Gamble successfully brought Charlie Brown to life with serious attitude, his inability to fit in with others and his fear of his red-headed crush.
     Overall this performance was a perfect 10.
     The musical will be playing until Oct. 8, 2006. For performance dates and times, visit
http://www.churchbistroandtheatre.com/ or call (210) 271-7791.

Int'l film festival screened in SA

© 2006 The Paisano Online

Hayley is featured in "Musical Bridges" again for their 9th season 2006-2007!! This season will be entitled The Muses. Hayley performed in past seasons including Chopin's Birthday Musica Viva. The following is a portion of the printed program! This shows Hayley's range of talents!!

Musica Viva
" Chopin's Birthday " performance at San Fernando Cathedral October 8 2006

2nd concert of the Romantic Birthdays season at the beautiful home of patrons such as Dr. and Mrs. David Levey.
The evening programs include f Chopin's music
for solo piano, cello sonata and piano trio,
which will be presented by our guest from Boston,
the Internationally acclaimed pianist, Marianna Rojkovezki, Mark Cheikhet violin and John Dexter cello.
George Sand will be there in person!!!
As always, our fabulous food and wine reception will follow the concert.

 Executive Director and Theatrical Director Laralee Wahrmund (from left) chats with violinist Mark Cheikhet, pianist and founder Anya Grokhovski, violinist Yuri Cheikhet, and actress Hayley Burnside before a concert and reception presented at San Fernando Cathedral. The concert was the first of four in a series celebrating the history of the cathedral.

























This wonderful image of Hayley above is in each printed program of the series celebrating Mozart, Chopin, and other European-style events in theatres and in private homes. The first 2006 concert is February 19th at McAllister Auditorium and features Hayley as Constanze, the role she will have throughout 2006 as this series continues monthly! Hayley has received much notice in this joint effort of Musical Bridges and Lyric Opera of San Antonio! This role and the image below shows the variety and range of her talents...

Another Globe Award ! Hayley won her 3rd Globe. On September 25, 2005 she received it for Best Supporting Actress in a Musical for Beauty and the Beast. Note the September 27 Express Newspaper article about her award and a mere three days later she got another amazing write up for her current role...in the newspapers twice in one week as a headliner for different distinctions!! Keep going Hayley.

This review of Hayley's role in Gypsy - wow:

F L A S H ! ! ! ! Hayley opened on September 23 2005 in Gypsy and the Express Newspaper review below says it all....

























Hayley as Lola and Tim Derk as Applegate in "Damn Yankees"




































F L A S H !!!!!! Hayley won the lead role in Damn Yankees that opened July 21 2005 at the San Pedro Playhouse, you ought to have heard her sing "Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets" in this award winning play - click here to see more:

Hayley won a series of parts at the San Pedro Playhouse - She has now been in CABARET, BIG RIVER, FOOTLOOSE, and most recently BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!!!!

 Hayley greets San Antonio theatre devotees. Fan and supporter Bonnie Reed on left congratulating Hayley.

Hayley Accepting The First Of Her Two Globe Awards - What Is Coming Next For Hayley? Read Press Information Below:


Hayley Ann Burnside resides in San Antonio, Texas and won the lead role in the 2005 production of Damn Yankees at the San Pedro Playhouse and many others since then. She worked at the Rivercity Comedy Club previously. She spends time at the family farm in Wilson County nearby where she does farm chores to get inspiration for acting - - much like her ancestors on the manors traced back to her link to when the Stuarts were rulers of all England and Scotland- - click here for Hayley's prior employment in comedy www.hotcomedy.com/rivercenter.htm

Immediately prior to moving from California she performed with the improvisational comedy group, Cat Fight, in Austin www.thevelveetaroom.com

Previously she performed at the Vexler Theatre in San Antonio and won a Globe Award for best lead comedy actress for her performance in "Noises Off" the British farce She has had numerous roles at Vexler Theatre and Stoli Theatre in her home town San Antonio, Texas www.vexler.org

She studied with Anthony Haigh, acclaimed British acting professor and theatre arts department chair of Centre College www.centre.edu

Her first major national recognition was nomination for the Irene Ryan Acting scholarship while she was still a theatre student www.lacitycollege.edu

Hayley won Best Supporting Comedy Actress for her role as Peggy in Neil Simon's "Come Blow Your Horn" awarded by the ATAC

Prior to 2003 she performed "Laura" in the title role, and in "Harvey" with Hayley in the role of nurse Brooke; performances in "Homefront 1943" with Hayley as the Hollywood vixen and in "Steel Magnolias" with Hayley as Shelby, in several children's plays including "Jack and Jill" with Hayley as Jill, in "The Country Mouse and The City Mouse" where Hayley was the city mouse; in "Frosty the Snowman" with Hayley as Penguin, and variety shows.

Hayley completed a "stage combat course" and has been kayking to the outer banks. She completed stints in survival training in Appalachia, in the jungles of Central America, and in the Everglade swamps to prepare for life.

She loves her family, especially her nieces Brooke Lucille, Paige Hayley, and Jane Rosaleigh and all other children, old people, and most all mammals but not to eat.

Hayley with a cast at Stoli Theatre (she started there after college) where she played in nine fine productions and won her 1st Globe for "Come Blow Your Horn" ... note the invisible rabbit's shadow in this play, "Harvey" ... fun!


Hayley as the nurse in the wonderful play "Harvey" at Stoli Theatre




Hayley Burnside has thrilled audiences in San Antonio, Austin  & San Francisco for over 15  years.   Some of  her  best  performances  include Madame Arcati  in Blithe Spirit,  Shelby in Steel Magnolias, Lola in Damn Yankees, Millie in Thoroughly Modern Millie, and others mentioned below.    Hayley has begun her awards collection with a best supporting actress ATAC Globe Award 1999, portraying Peggy Dawn in Come Blow Your Horn, best actress ATAC Globe Award 2000, portraying  Brooke in Noises Off and ATAC Globe Award 2005, best supporting actress in a musical in Beauty and the Beast. She won her fourth Globe Award for her role as Norma Cassidy in Victor Victoria 2007 as Best Supporting Actress in a Musical. She won Best Actress in a Musical in 2008 for the lead in Thoroughly Modern Millie. Hayley was very active in 2010-11 with roles at the Vexler Theatre (Noises Off), Cameo Theatre (I Hate Hamlet), San Antonio Film Festival (Comic Trash Day Movie), all the while working at You're Invited and at Invitations Etc and and her church and in other fascinating assignments on and off stage. She has notable roles coming soon as she settled back into her new abode, where else, at a Farm! She currently has an amazing troupe fascinating the throngs of tourists at (beilieve it or not) Ripley's, where else, across from the shrine of Texas freedom, The Alamo.







Hayley was recently cast in a 2011 production of "Auntie Mame."

Before her 2010 role in San Antonio in the famous "A Chorus Line" Hayley performed in a slightly less famous newer play, "The Nerd" and before that as Millie in the real thing "Thoroughly Modern Millie." All at the San Pedro Playhouse, San Pedro at Ashby 210.733.7258. Call that number when you want reserve 2011 tickets for "Auntie Mame" to be assured of seating. Moving back in time to Saint Valintine Day 2011 Hayley was the Master of Ceremonies at the Extravaganza celebrating love at Cameo Theatre . This was a the venue of a 2009 appearance at the Cameo Theatre, when she was cast for her second time in San Antonio more or less as Ophelia in "Hamlet" - comedy version but billed as "I Hate Hamlet." She had previously been in the actual role Ophelia in her school days but that time in the traditional "Hamlet" original non-comedy version. Last Christmas Hayley was also at the Cameo in a wild new comedy version of "A Christmas Carol(e)" that also received several most interesting reviews and was seen by a troop of cub scouts whose den mother did not recognize some adult humor in the adaptation at the time she booked the seats, thus creating many opportunities for improvizations by the cast.



Hayley Burnside 

...and what a run she is having....

A One Woman Comedy also Our Communications Ambassador:


This image shows Hayley (on left) in "Noises Off" at the Vexler Theatre - brought back after 10 years! The news says she is "superb" again. She has had an amazing series of parts recently including hosting the film festival, staring in the bar association "Ethics Follies", the lead role in Thoroughly Modern Mille, and several roles in numerous hilarious film productions including "Organ Trail" a spoof about an organ transplanting thief organization, keep going Hayley! 


Oh, and Hayley loves her animals - pictured here are merely a few of her first pets - she has rescued many more and "placed" them in good homes with her family (more about Hayley's early years and mascots below):

Here she is awarded one of

her five Globe Awards:


Training and early stage works

   Centre College Kentucky
     Liberal Arts College - Drama Major
     September 1995 - December 1998
   Southeastern Theatre Conference
     Greensboro, North Carolina - 1999
     Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship National Nominee

    Alamo Heights High School
     1995 Graduate

Selected Theatre and Stage Experience

 PRODUCTION              ROLE               VENUE

"Noises Off" Globe Award Vexler Theatre

"Come Blow Globe Award Stoli Theatre
Your Horn" Winner

"Steel Magnolias" Lead Stoli Theatre

"Harvey" Nurse Stoli Theatre

   "Laura"                 Laura         Stoli Theatre

"Crazy Ladies" Lead Stoli Theatre

"Home Front" Lead Stoli Theatre

  "Aladdin"              The King    Stoli Theatre

  "Mother Goose"    Playmate  Stoli Theatre
  "The Odd Couple" Light-sound  Stoli Theatre

   "The Tortoise and The Hare  Stoli Theatre
     the Hare"            
   "Blithe Spirit"    Madame Arcati  Centre College
"Cabaret"         Kit Kat Girl      Centre College

   "Charlotte's Web" Templeton   Centre College
   "Peach Tree Kingdom" Director OneActFestival

    "Acting With Our Gang" Director Alamo Heights
    "One Candle  Theresia    Community Theatre
     In The Night"
"Mill on the Floss"  Mrs. Tulliver  Centre College
"Willie Wonka and  Choreographer Children's
     Chocolate Factory"                         Theatre

Other Activities and Honors:
          W. Illinois University - stage combat
workshop - 1998
SALTTEENS, San Antonio Little Theatre
Played Ophelia in Hamlet, AHJS
Performance 1990
Lead in AHJS Play, Belinda and the Beast
Language Immersion - Academia Hispano
Americano - 1998
Costa Rica - Appalachian St. University - 1996
      Spurs Dance Team, 10th, 11th, and 12th
Habitat for Humanity Volunteer 1993
All City Dance Team 1993-94
 Instructor at Cambridge Elementary School -

       Senior Lieutenant, Spurs Dance Team 1994-
Dance Soloist, 11th Grade and Group 10th
Grade, Arts Collage
New Orleans Trip, Trophy and Awards 1993-94

European Travel:
          Student Trip to Switzerland, Italy,
              France, and England during Summer

Other Experience:
          Taught dance for "Arts for Kids" - Danville
Dance Instructor, Alamo Heights School

District 1994-95 Team 1993-94
 Instructor at Cambridge Elementary School -
Senior Lieutenant, Spurs Dance Team 1994-
Dance Soloist, 11th Grade and Group 10th
Grade, Arts Collage



Newspaper Play Review - February 12 2001 - By Diane Windeler - Special to the Express-News

  'Those Crazy Old Ladies' is a hoot By Diane Windeler Special to the Express-News If three elderly sisters chatter like magpies - easily understanding each other, but utterly incomprehensible to anyone else - does that mean they're crazy? And if they're forgetful or relish playing pranks at Halloween, have they really gone 'round the bend? "Eccentric" might be a better description. That's something for audiences at the Steven Stoli Playhouse to ponder in between waves of chuckles and full-out belly laughs during "Those Crazy Old Ladies in the House on the Corner." Directed with choreographic finesse by Larry Schwartz, the Pat Cook comedy deals with quirky, set-in-their-ways women whose lives are unsettled by their caring physician, Dr. Lomax (Jeff Wagner). A friend of the family, he's one of those rare small-town doctors who makes house calls, but wants someone on the premises to watch over the sisters. After all, absent-minded Dora (Sandy Schwartz) makes an art form of irascibility, Lydia (Rachelle Neuman) refuses to leave the house, and Maggie (Kathleen Lovejoy) keeps losing her train of thought. And of course, they all have the usual elderly ailments, allowing the doctor to hatch his plan.

To be sure they are looked after, he places a young nurse, Jean (Hayley Burnside), in their home as a boarder. The ladies resist until he and Jean tell each of them that Jean is there to keep an eye on another of the sisters. Soon the energetic Jean has them doing things, living life again outside their four walls. The fly in this comfortable ointment is Lydia's money-hungry son, Phillip (Stephen Weser), who is determined to put them in a retirement home and sell the house. We won't reveal the O Henry-style ending to this tale, but it pivots on the appearance of the mysterious Jessie (Modrea Mitchell-Reichert). In the meantime, director Schwartz and his capable cast have so much fun with this droll script that the laugh-o-meter is topped at every turn. The best comic bit, however, is the sisters' incessant same-time yammering, done with perfectly dovetailed cadences until they stop on a dime. It's a hoot. Come see for yourself, but make reservations early because the word is out. "Those Crazy Old Ladies in the House on the Corner" plays through Feb. 25 at 8 p.m. Fridays, 7:30 p.m. Saturdays, 2:30 and 7 p.m. Sundays at the Steven Stoli, Wurzbach at Lockhill Selma in The Elms. Call 408-0116. 02/12/2001

Hayley Burnside's Nomination - - - - - Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship

December 6 1998

Hayley Ann Burnside has been nominated for the Irene Ryan Award - the website that describes this important milestone:


Page paste: Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship      
Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival

Since 1972, the Irene Ryan Foundation of Encino, California, has awarded scholarships to the outstanding student performers at each regional festival. These scholarships are made possible by the generosity of the late Irene Ryan who is best remembered for her portrayal of the lovable and feisty Granny in The Beverly Hillbillies.
                *       All student actors in both Participating and Associate productions are eligible for consideration for these scholarships.


Selected Links Allied With Hayley Burnside's Career

More Press About Hayley's Accomplishments 2001 Article - Theatre Review

Hayley Burnside , once again has taken, to the stage in: "Those crazy Old Ladies in the House on the Corner."

Hayley, who won a Globe 'award last year from the Alamo Area Theatre Arts Council for best supporting actress in a Comedy in Neil Simon's "Come Blow Your Horn," is an actress with the Stoli Entertainment, Group, 11838 Wurzbach at Lockhill Selma.

Just 23, Hayley already is a well-seasoned.. actress. Some of her performance include "Harvey," about a nurse played by Hayley whose patient sees an imaginary rabbit; "Laura," where Hayley had the title role; "Cabaret"; and, "Mother Goose," one of the many children's plays at the Stoli daytime Children's Theatre.

Other performances in which Hayley has
been cast include "Charlotte's Web," "Blythe Spirit," "Hamlet," and " The Tortoise and the Hare." Hayley was a theater arts major at Centre College in Kentucky and studied under Anthony Haigh, a British acting. professor who heads the theater department and the Norton Center of Centre College.
"Those Crazy Old Ladies in the House on the Corner" opened February 1. For reservations, call 210-408-0116, or visit the Web site,
 Wison County News , January 23 2001



To contact Hayley





Online if you search a little bit, she is all over the worldwide web and it is impossible to keep all these links up to date, forgive us, ok (-; 


Read all about Hayley below then

click to see a video of her talents over 30 years ago



She enjoys a 2015 one act comedy and reunion in Austin with Dustin Fashing who performed comedy there and whom she met in California years ago after she had studied acting herself at Center College


Standing in front of the world's largest

peanut near her beloved farmhouse.

     Hayley Burnside Courtesy photo

Classic Theatre wraps up its stellar 2015-’16 season with “Born Yesterday,” Garson Kanin’s comedy about a crude, wealthy man whose efforts to educate his trophy girlfriend (Hayley Burnside, pictured) — not to mention his attempt to throw his weight around in Washington, D.C. — go awry when the gal falls for the journalist (Nick Lawson) hired to be her tutor.Opens Friday. 8 p.m. Fridays-Saturdays and 3 p.m. Sundays through May 22, Classic Theatre, 1924 Fredericksburg Road. $10-$25. 210-589-8450, classictheatre.org— Deborah Martin