...you might turn a ¢ into a $  


(and this idea kept a CPA covered up in paper and bull for 40-years! 


see asterisk to know how he got his ideas below*)

* The accountant had used tons of paper so now he grows trees for redemption to make up for years of destroying so many . He has now produced so many trees in containers that he offers bargain prices for these fabulous trees. This accountant obviously encountered a "lot of bull " for all those years and it logically followed that a bull improvement program should be implemented, thus his cattle business. As author of case studies in ten e-Books there is stong interest in each book besides the great demand of the graduate students in universities where he lectures.



A ¢ for Trees may add a $ to your property: 

Live oak trees in all size containters


Crepe myrtle trees in all size containers


Delivery, installation and guarantees


Bulls, heifers, pairs, show calves, and donkeys


Registered red or black limousin


Tested and sold private treaty



A ¢ for Cattle may add a $ to your herd:


 Handbook of Guideposts


 Handbook of Standards


 Ten Accounting Handbooks

A ¢ for e-Books may add a $ to your net worth:

¢atchpenny Farms

Creating $ for You 

Did you know that...


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  "Graces" click  http://youtu.be/oAHH6LIXeCI

  "1984"     click  http://youtu.be/ddVH0dRazMQ

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